Pukulan Pentjak Silat Sera is an art known for  its use of angle, leverage, and extreme manipulation of an opponents body, balance, and Center of Gravity, devistating Pukulan (Consecutive & Concise Hitting), unforgiving takedowns, and strategic use of body positioning, structure, distance and timing and vital targets. The most important of all aspects of Sera is to understand Structure, Distance, and proper combative timing. 

Maha Guru Stevan Plinck was born on December 19 1954 in Rotterdam Netherlands. His parents where both born in Java Indonesia and are of Eurasian decent and Dutch Indo Culture. Maha Guru Plinck’s Grandfather, Grandmother, and Uncles on his Mother’s side all practiced Pentjak Silat. Oom Etien started Cimande at age 8 and Opa Dejong practiced Setia Hati, Cimande and some other styles of Silat. His Grandmother had Setia Hati training as well. His Uncle John Dejong had Minangkabau Silat Training. Maha Guru Stevan personally learned from his Grandmother Oma Dejong at 9 years of age and from his Uncle Oom John at the age of 15 . At Age 17 Maha Guru Stevan began his formal Silat training outside of his family with Guru Besar Arthur Rhemrev in Serak, Cimande, Setia Hati and Combat Juijitsu for 8 years. After this Maha Guru Stevan began his training with Pendekar Agung Paul de Thouars . This training lasted for 10 years. Pendekar Paul was his last Serak Teacher. He was associated with Pendekar Paul till 1996. Maha Guru Stevan has focused his studies on Pukulan Pentjak Silat Serak since he was first introduced to it. He has been teaching people since the age of 18. He has over 50 years of authentic Pentjak Silat experience and training. Maha Guru Stevan lives in Washington State and teaches Sera world wide.

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