PPSSP curriculum

      Hello, I am currently systematizing the curriculum topics of PPSSP that will be covered on my site in the on-line training section, from basic through advanced: History, 18 Djurus,  8 Lankas,  Multitude of Sumbuts (combinations) Attack  (training and actual usage) and Weapons ( Knife, Parang/Golok, Long sword, Long staff, Tjbang). Sub-categories of: Pukulan (upper art- more than hitting alone), Groundwork (lower art- more than locking alone),  All associated training drills to accompany above topics and the sub topics of: doctrine, strategy, tactics, structure, center, positioning, timings, sensitivity,  shielding, strikes, blocks, parries, checks, locks,  kicks, sapos, basets, ankats, kinjets, putters, throws, laws, principals, concepts,  systems, styles and most importantly transferring this knowledge base into skill. Each of the sub topics can further be divided into  more sub sets of knowledge. This is by no means a complete list of topics due to the fact that comprehensive is the goal. Completeness can never be attained. All the above will be sectioned off properly according to one's level of understanding. I look forward to this relationship with willing participants. Thank you, sincerely, Stevan Plinck